Hungary starts workshops with 30 young employees

The German-Hungarian Knowledge Centre of the CCI Hungary (DUWZ) held the first Energy Scout workshop on September 27. In her opening speech to the 30 participants, Mária Boros-Huber, Managing Director of DUWZ, emphasized the international character of the project. Project coordinator Bálint Lengyel explained the triple benefits of the project: Besides the increase in knowledge for the prospective scouts, the companies minimize their costs and reduce their CO2 emissions.

Young Energy Europe, AHK Hungary
Kick-off workshop in Hungary ©DUWZ

Andrea Grónay and Géza Köteles led trough the technical part of the interactive workshop by explaining both the main aspects of energy use and the potentials of energy efficiency in companies as well as the consequences that extreme weather conditions can have on human health and on industrial production.

The second workshop will take place on October 17, and tackle the topics of lighting and compressed air Technology.