Green Day in Bulgaria – Experiencing energy and resource efficiency

On September 11, the CCI Bulgaria organised a Green Day for the prospective Energy Scouts. They visited Precomp Solutions AB, Europe’s leading provider of components for the automotive and manufacturing industry. The participants gained insight into the company’s production process, its systematic energy management based on ISO 50001 and the associated energy and resource efficiency projects.

The group also visited the first certified passivhaus in Voynegovtsi (Sofia) and received information about the building’s functionality and its energy related features like for example the efficient single cooling system that heats and cools 301 square meters with a maximum consumption of 1,2 kWh per hour. The Green Day ended with a lecture on environmental protection.

On September 12 and 13, the Energy Scouts attended the next workshops in Sofia and Plovdiv on economic aspects like types of costs and the calculation of payback periods for efficiency projects. This will help them to convince their company’s management of the planned efficiency measures.

Young Energy Europe, AHK Bulgaria, Precomp Solutions AB
Production hall at Precomp Solutions AB ©AHK Bulgaria
Young Energy Europe, AHK Bulgaria, Certified Passive House
Certified passivhaus building in Sofia ©AHK Bulgaria