Ideal conditions for Young Energy Europe in Greece

On September 27 and 28, the new lecturers met with representatives from the CCI Greece for a training session.

The first day of training took place on the premises of the cosmetics company Apivita in Markopoulo. The structure features sustainable elements like a green roof and solar collectors – the ideal place to present Young Energy Europe. Björn Athmer from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria gave a report on the implementation of the Energy Scouts training in Germany. He highlighted the importance of young professionals in identifying saving potentials at the workplace and in developing innovative methods to tap into these potentials. Before participating in a guided tour of the building, the instructors were introduced to the curriculum which focuses on energy and resource efficiency, mobility and climate protection. The day ended with a networking event at the Sustainable Building Council Greece (SBC Greece). The second day of the lecturer training dealt with the methodological basics as well as the use of measuring instruments.

Young Energy Europe, AHK Greece, teacher training
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The participating lecturers are now looking forward to train young employees in topics such as climate protection and energy saving, starting from the beginning of November. Björn Athmer is convinced of the favorable prospects for Young Energy Europe: “Greek companies have good prerequisites for saving energy and resources at manageable costs. The leverage of efficiency potentials and the greater use of renewable energies can make a decisive contribution to climate protection in Greece. This is where Energy Scouts become involved. Their projects can provide the necessary impetus for their companies.”