Energy efficiency and compressed air – workshop at Schott in Hungary

Compressed air systems can be real energy guzzlers if they are not properly designed and maintained. Therefore the Knowledge Centre of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hungary organized an interactive energy efficiency workshop with 20 participants on the energetic optimization of compressed air systems at Schott Hungary Kft. on May 16. Schott Hungary specializes in pharmaceutical glass containers and produces up to 1.7 billion ampoules and vials in various shapes and colors per year on an area of 26,000 m2 in Lukácsháza.

Basics and practical applications
In addition to the physical basics, different compressor types, and the optimal construction of compressed air systems, the overall key topic was optimizing energy efficiency. The participants deepened their theoretical knowledge by taking a tour through the company, examining the compressed air system, carrying out measurements and exchanging ideas for optimization, e. g. heat recovery.

From Energy Scout to expert
One of the speakers was Energy Scout András Rege from Schott. Last year he replaced two compressors and implemented a comprehensive optimization of the compressed air system. Now a frequency converter controls the new compressors and supplies the production with compressed air exactly in line with the actual demand while consuming less energy. The project saves 402,637 kWh of electricity per year, which corresponds to a yearly cost reduction of around 31,754 € while avoiding emissions of 102,7 tons of CO2 per year. Given the investment costs of 28.555 €, the project pays off after only eleven months.

Compressed air systems offer various optimization potentials (©AHK Hungary).
Schott technicians guide through the plant and present energy efficiency projects (©AHK Hungary).
Facility Group Leader András Rege presents his Energy Scout project during the workshop (©AHK Hungary).