Best Hungarian Energy Scouts 2020 appointed

A total of 39 Energy Scouts from 13 companies took part in this year’s Energy Scout Award Ceremony on September 23 at the German-Hungarian Knowledge Center (DUWZ for its acronym in German). The hybrid event brought together Energy Scouts from all over Hungary to present their energy projects to a jury of experts.

The Energy Scouts from DENSO Manufacturing Hungary Ltd – István Csordás, István Sipos, Ferenc Németh and Ágnes Sebestyén – won the main prize. As part of their compressed air project, they installed nozzles that reduce energy consumption by 75% while increasing efficiency. In addition, the Energy Scouts convinced the expert jury with their optimization of a drill grinder, which will lead to further energy and cost savings. In total, the Energy Scouts calculated annual savings of 1,781.3 MWh electricity and 407.92 tons of CO₂ emissions for their project with an amortization period of only 0.27 years.

The expert jury also awarded two special prizes. A special award went to the team of Balatoni Hajózási Zrt. The Energy Scouts Krisztina Czap-Jáni, Enikő Jákli and Henrietta Nagy gave a presentation on how the fuel consumption of their company’s ships can be halved: Instead of relying on diesel-powered auxiliary engines, the ships will be connected to the electricity grid in the port. This simple optimization will amortize immediately and reduce the CO₂ emissions of four ships by 5.1 tons. Renáta Rejtő, Balázs Rosta and Csaba Wagner of Földgázszálltó Zrt. won the second special prize. In their project, the Energy Scouts plan to insulate the heat exchanger system to reduce gas consumption. According to their calculations, this will save 326 MWh electricity and 66 tons of CO₂ emissions per year. The amortization period of the project is only 0.75 years.

At the end of the event, Mária Boros-Huber, Managing Director of DUWZ, and Gabriel A. Brennauer, Managing Director of the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Hungary for its acronym in German), presented the winners with the certificates and emphasized the importance of transnational cooperation for climate protection, to which the Young Energy Europe, as part of the European Climate Initiative, is particularly committed.

The winning Energy Scouts from DENSO Manufacturing Hungary Ltd., from left to right: Gabriel A. Brennauer (AHK Hungary), Mária Boros-Huber (DUWZ), DENSO team: István Csordás, István Sipos, Ferenc Németh, Ágnes Sebestyén; Lecturer Dr. Zoltán Magyar (© DUWZ)


During the hybrid event, some Energy Scouts present their projects online (© DUWZ)


Energy Scouts from Hungary meet for the award ceremony in DUWZ – online as well as offline (© DUWZ)