The first online European Energy Scout Award Ceremony

On October 1, 2020, and for the first time, the Award Ceremony for all European Energy Scouts took place online from Athens.

The German-Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Greece for its acronym in German) had invited the best teams of the 2019 class. Not only the winners from Bulgaria, Greece, the Czech Republic and Hungary attended the event, but there were about 400 participants following the event via live stream.

“Young Energy Europe is a strategic project for the German-Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry and it deals with an important topic for many companies in Greece”, said Prof. Dr.-Ing. Athanassios Kelemis, managing director of the AHK Greece. Janine Hansen, head of the project Young Energy Europe and speaking from Berlin, emphasized the current importance of digitalization in transnational cooperation for more energy efficiency and climate protection in companies. On behalf of the European Climate Initiative (EUKI for its acronym in German), programme director Stefan Bundscherer congratulated the Scouts on their successes with a personal video message. Dr. Georgios Ayeridis, director of the Energy Efficiency Division at the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving, congratulated the European Energy Scouts and emphasized the importance of projects in the field of energy and resource efficiency.

The Scouts were honored for their outstanding projects which contribute to making their companies more innovative, competitive and climate friendly.

  • Bulgaria:
    Lyubomir Gerasimov, Dronamics EOOD, Sofia (Click here to learn more about the project)
  • Greece:
    Athina Gonata, TORA LUB M.E.P.E., Athens (Click here to learn more about the project)
    Konstantinos Spyridopoulos and Vlasis Dalmaris, Askofruit, Heraklion, Crete (Click here to learn more about the project)
  • Czech Republic:
    Jiří Kašpar and Denis Kirpikov, Madeta s., Planá nad Lužnicí (Click here to learn more about the project)
  • Hungary:
    Kristóf Schneider and Ákos Nagy, dm Kft., Budapest (Click here to learn more about the project)

With the potentials they have uncovered in resources and, most importantly, in CO2 emissions as well as the rising awareness they bring about, the Scouts take a big step on the road to achieving low-carbon economies and production methods.

Click here to see the recording of the event.


The winning Energy Scouts on site and online with the team of the AHK Greece © Ace Photography


Stefan Bundscherer, EUKI programme director, greeting the participants with a personal video message ©Ace Photography


Behind the scenes: The direction’s view of the event ©Ace Photography