Start of Energy Scout training courses in eight countries – last registrations possible

Energy Scout training courses are currently starting in eight European countries. As part of the Energy Scout qualification, the young professionals learn to design and implement a project to save energy or resources in their companies as part of a team. For example, they use solar energy for the power supply, look for leaks in the compressed air system, or change the lighting to LEDs. Together they have one goal: to save CO2 through practical measures in operations. The European Climate Initiative (EUKI) recently published an animated project profile about Young Energy Europe on its Facebook channel.

What do Energy Scouts learn?
In the Czech Republic, for example, the Energy Scouts visited the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) of the Czech Technical University (CTU). There they learned more about the possibilities of building-integrated photovoltaic systems during a guided tour and practised presentation skills in a hybrid live/online workshop with lecturer Eva Hrušková.

Building-integrated photovoltaic systems are used to directly supply the buildings with energy. (©AHK Czech Republic)
Energy Scouts do not only learn about energy consumption, but also how to plan energy efficiency projects and how to convince decision-makers in the company by communicating (©AHK Czech Republic)














High demand for training
The high demand for Energy Scout training is not always easy to organise under Corona conditions, but our local partners, the AHKs in Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary find ways to impart the knowledge live, hybrid or online. There are currently 66 registrations in Serbia, 63 in Greece, and 59 Energy Scouts have already started the course in the Czech Republic. The AHKs in Greece, Poland, Serbia, and Slovakia are currently accepting the last registrations.


The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings in Buštěhrad demonstrates many options in its own construction. (©AHK Czech Republic)