Four Czech Energy Scouts present their projects in podcasts

Energy Scouts identify potentials for saving energy, resources, and costs in their companies. With their team, the Scouts exploit these potentials by developing and implementing practical projects. They assume responsibility in their companies and make an important contribution to the fight against climate change.

But how does this work exactly? What does the path from the workshop to the project presentation look like? What obstacles do the Energy Scouts encounter and what motivates them particularly to overcome them with their team? Energy Scouts from the Czech Republic speak about all this and much more in two exciting new podcasts.

Kateřina Kleinová, Energy Scout from LEAR Czech Republic s.r.o., explains how even small investments can lead to big savings. Together with her colleagues, she developed a project in 2018 – the first year of Young Energy Europe in the Czech Republic – to optimize the journey of employees to the company’s plant using, for example, shuttle buses. Her efficiency project achieves an annual CO2 saving potential of 145.8 tons and an annual cost reduction of about 196,000€. They won the national competition for the best project in 2018. Learn more on this project in the new podcast and here.

Energy Scout Kateřina Kleinová (right) relies on shuttle buses for employees in her project. (© AHK Czech Republic)



Energy Scout Matěj Houdek speaks about the fresh goods project that he developed at Penny Market s.r.o. in 2020 together with Anežka Vagnerová and Tomáš Fara. Using camera sensors and an app alert for employees, the Scouts reduce the waste of fresh food in the racks for fruit, vegetables, and baked goods. The technology identifies perished goods so they can be removed at an early stage, and therefore contributes to reducing the amount of food that must be reordered, transported, and grown. This results in considerable savings in water, fuel, cooling requirements and CO2. Learn more about this project in the new podcast and here.

Energy Scout Matěj Houdek uses artificial intelligence to reduce fruit and vegetable waste in supermarkets. (©AHK Czech Republic Jaromír Zubák)











In the podcast with Jan Kuzdas, Energy Scout from the company Agrostroj Pelhřimov, we talk about the project he developed to recover heat from air compressors. The implementation of the project saves up to 641 MWh of electricity per year and around 127 tons of CO₂. The investment pays for itself after just one year.  The practical project won second place at the Czech Energy Scout Award Ceremony 2018. You can learn more about the project, other savings measures of Agrostroj Pelhřimov, and Jan’s experience as an Energy Scout here and in the new podcast.

At Agrostroj Pelhřimov, the project of Energy Scout Jan Kuzdas saves 127 tons of CO₂ per year. (©DIHK/Throm)



In the last podcast, we talk to Jan Bílek, Best Czech Energy Scout 2020 and engineer at PREOL, a.s. In his project, he dealt with the use of waste heat from condensate, a by-product from the production process, for heating and hot water generation in the administration building. The possible savings of lignite dust are over 400 MWh per year, and the CO2 savings are 147 tons per year. The payback period is 1.4 years. The scout also analyzed the potential for capturing and storing CO2 (known as CCS) from combustion products from the company’s own combined heat and power plant. This way, he wanted to show what the climate neutrality by 2050 envisaged in the European Green Deal means for his company. Read more in the podcast and here.

Jan Bílek, Best Czech Energy Scout 2020, presents his project. (©AHK Czech Republic/Jaromír Zubák)


updated on Dec 18th.