Innovation in Bulgaria – air drones’ manufacturer Dronamics Ltd. awarded

33 newly qualified energy scouts presented their efficiency projects and put them up for discussion during the 2019 award ceremony for energy scouts in Sofia. Ten projects in the fields of compressed air systems, lighting, resource efficiency and mobility brought together a wide range of ideas and approaches.

The jury had a hard time deciding which project to honour. After a long discussion they finally chose one winning project and additionally awarded three special prizes. The best project of the Bulgarian Energy Scouts 2019 was developed by the recently established company Dronamics which produces transport drones. In the near future they plan to offer transport services in countries lacking in infrastructure. The project focuses on the efficient production of component parts by 3D printers and reduces the waste of carbon or glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin by 97%. Due to the project, Dronamics strengthens resource efficiency in the production process and not only reduces earlier material losses but also decreases CO2-emisions by 67%.

The three special prizes were awarded to:

  • Spark Fitness & Spa for the implementation of a water filter system. This system replaces more than 23,000 disposable plastic bottles and cups per year, which previously were used by customers and employees. Additionally, the water has positive health effects.
  • Liebherr-Hausgeräte Marica EOOD won a prize for a compressed air project. By replacing an inefficient compressor combined with other measures they will save 296 tons of CO2 per year.
  • Aurubis Bulgaria AD established a railway transport to move copper anodes to the nearest port. Thanks to the energy scouts, the company can replace the transport volume of 40 diesel-powered trucks per week with electric locomotives.

All energy scouts presented their projects with great commitment and based their vision on solid figures and calculations. They faced critical questions from the jury and the audience, which included Stefan Bundscherer and Ulrike Leis, two representatives of the EUKI secretariat. All participating projects contribute to making their companies more modern, more competitive, more climate-friendly, and help reduce their CO2 footprints.

The 2019 Bulgarian Energy Scouts (©AHK Bulgaria)
Lyubomir Gerasimov from Dronamics Ltd. winnig first place (©AHK Bulgaria)
Participants of the award ceremony in Sofia (©AHK Bulgaria)