October 2019 – Conversion of hot water supply at Palmyra Beach Hotel in Greece

The Palmyra Beach Hotel is located on the Attica Coast near Athens. It functions both as a city hotel and as a holiday hotel. Because the hotel is nearly fully booked throughout the year, energy is consumed all year round – in summer for cooling and in winter for heating.

Hot water is needed throughout the year mainly between 7 and 11 a.m. Since the hotel’s construction in 1979, fuel oil was used to meet the demand of hot water. In the last years, about 1,500-1,700 liters of fuel oil were burned each year for the hot water supply. Energy Scout Stefanos Vassilakis thought up a more efficient and cleaner option – and proposed a modernization.

Condensing Boiler Technology instead of oil burner
The idea to install solar thermal collectors proved unfeasible. The roof area was not big enough in the first place and secondly, the installation would have needed costly engineering work for reinforcing the existing roof.

The next best option was to replace the old fuel oil boiler with a modern and efficient natural gas boiler with condensing technology. The cost savings are approximately 1,000-1,300 € per month, therefore the 30.000 € investment pays off in 2.5 years. At the same time the CO2 emissions will be reduced by approximately 22 tons per year.

The numbers impressed the management, so they let their Energy Scout also exchange an electric tumble dryer in the hotel’s laundry with a natural gas-powered version. An additional 4,000 € per year will be saved here which will already pay off in roughly one year.

Heat Recovery

System Optimization

  • Industry sector: Tourism
  • Energy source: Natural gas and electrical energy
  • Energy saving potential: 61,600 kWh/a
  • Potential CO2 savings: 22 t/a
  • Potential cost reduction: 12,000 €/a
  • Investment costs: 30,000 €/a
  • Payback period: 2.5 years
  • Company:
    Palmyra Beach Hotel
    Leoforos Possidonos Avenue 70
    Athens (Glyfada)
    16675 Greece
Warm water is efficiently provided by a natural gas-powered water heater and isolated water tank (© Palmyra Beach Hotel)
The dryer in the hotel laundry is now operating with natural gas instead of electricity (© Palmyra Beach Hotel)
Athanassios Kelemis, CCI Greece, Manolis Kaldis, Palmyra Beach Hotel and Energy Scout Stefanos Vassilakis (© AHK Griechenland)