November 2021 – Energy Scouts save hot water and develop a methane reduction concept at the Tomáš Baťa Regional Hospital in Zlín (CZ)

The Tomáš Baťa Regional Hospital in Zlín (CZ) employs more than 2,230 staff and offer over 925 beds for for over 45,000 patients annually. The two Energy Scouts Libor Kročil and Zdeněk Surovík work in the field of energys and waste management at the hospital. During developing their practical project, they identified two measures where they see great potential for improvement and rapid implementation. On the one hand, better handling of catering waste – keyword composting – and measures to save hot water.

The hospital’s catering area produces around 49 t of food waste per year, which is collected and disposed of. The Energy Scouts plan to redirect the biological waste into a biodigester. The plant’s rotating paddles mix up the biodegradable material with the help of microorganisms and enzymes, adding oxygen and water so that the aerobic decomposition of the food scraps is accelerated. After 24 hours, only a nutrient-rich grey water remains as a waste product. This could even be used in the future to fertilise and irrigate green spaces. The method is odourless and more climate-friendly than classic landfilling, because when organic components such as food scraps rot in the absence of air (anaerobically), methane is produced. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is about 28 times more effective than CO2. This is prevented with the proposed composting system. The amount of methane saved was converted to the equivalent of CO2 and thus amounts to 202 t CO2 e annually.

The goal of the second project approach is to save hot water. Saving hot water is great, because it conserves valuable drinking water and at the same time the energy needed to heat the water. The Energy Scouts suggested replacing the existing shower heads in 250 showers for the clinic staff with energy-saving alternatives. This will result in significant savings of 3,000 m3 of water and 368 GJ of heat per year. Due to the low investment of 8,157€ per year, the use of the economical shower heads pays off after only 6 months.

The expert jury praised the Energy Scouts’ project, which could be implemented at short notice, and selected the team from the Tomáš Baťa Regional Hospital the best Energy Scouts of the Czech Republic 2021.

Consumption of Water


  • Industry sector: Health sector
  • Energy source: District heating
  • Energy saving potential: 368 GJ/a heat
  • Water saving potential: 3,066 m3 water/a
  • CO2 saving potential: 202 t CO2e/a composting, 37 t CO2/a hot water savings
  • Potential cost reduction: Composting: 18,454 €/a, hot water savings 15,895 €/a
  • Investment cost: 31,373 € composting, 8,157 € hot water savings
  • Payback period: 21 months composting, 6 months hot water saving
  • Company:
    Krajská nemocnice Tomáš Bati, a. s.
    Havlíčkovo nábřeží 600
    762 75 Zlín
    Czech Republic
The winners: Energy Scouts Libor Kročil and Zdeněk Surovík from Tomáš Bat'a Hospital in Zlín. (©Tomáš Bat'a Hospital)
Currently, the gastro waste is collected in barrels and regularly taken away. (©Tomáš Bat'a Hospital)
The Energy Scouts tested different water-saving shower heads in the staff showers of the hospital. (©Tomáš Bat'a Hospital)
The winning team at the project presentation during the award ceremony on 09.11.2021. (©AHK Czech Republic)
The composting plant has the potential to reduce waste costs by € 18,454 per year and at the same time reduce methane emissions. (©AHK Czech Republic)