August 2021 – Energy Scouts save natural gas, electricity and drinking water at Bosch in Jihlava (CZ)

As an international technology and service company, the Bosch Group employs around 395,000 associates worldwide. Seven companies with four production sites and one service centre are in České Budějovice, Jihlava, Brno, Mikulov and Krnov in the Czech Republic. With almost 4,000 employees, the location in Jihlava is one of the largest manufacturing sites in the Powertrain Solutions division.

Since 2020, Bosch has been CO2-neutral worldwide in terms of its balance sheet. This is achieved through a whole range of measures and by increasing energy efficiency, using renewable energies and purchasing “green energy”. During their practical project, the Energy Scouts Martin Fiala, Ivo Koláček and Pavel Novotný from BOSCH DIESEL s.r.o. developed three additional savings measures for their company. The CO2 savings are shown in the practical project based on the avoided emissions of the replaced energy source natural gas or the average electricity mix in the Czech Republic.

The installation of a heat pump has already saved natural gas for water heating. According to Energy Scout Pavel Novotný, this concept was easy to implement and saves Bosch 610 t/a of CO2 with a payback period of about 2.8 years. Annually, 4,921 MWh of natural gas are saved by a heat pump, while consuming 488 MWh of electricity annually for the heat pump.

The second measure, which will be realized by the end of 2021, is the modernization of the lighting in the warehouses. The outdated lighting will be replaced by modern LED lighting. Since the lighting in the warehouses is almost never switched off, this measure also has a short payback period of 3.5 years and saves 481 MWh of electricity per year.

The third measure concerns water management, and this is Ivo Koláček’s area of expertise. He has been working on the storage and subsequent use of rainwater in production. He plans to collect the rainwater in a collecting basin, which has been dry until now, and then, after treatment (demineralisation), to use the water for the machinery in the factory. The payback period is somewhat longer in this case and several technical aspects are still being examined. Energy Scout calculated a potential saving of 10.8 MWh of electricity and 9,000 m3 of water.

At the award ceremony 2020 in the Czech Republic, the project of the three Energy Scouts won the 3rd place in the competition, because of the very well described and planned measures.

Consumption of Water



  • Industry sector: automotive supplier
  • Energy source: natural gas and electrical energy
  • Energy saving potential:
    4,921 MWh natural gas (while consuming 488 MWh electricity for heat pump),
    481 MWh electricity for lighting,
    10.8 MWh electricity for rainwater collection
  • Water saving potential: 9,000 mpotable water
  • CO2 saving potential:
    609.8 t CO2/a (=993.8 t CO2/a savings in natural gas – 384 t CO2/a energy demand for heat pump),
    378 t CO2/a lighting,
    11.96 t CO2/a rainwater collection
  • Payback period:
    2.9 years for heat pump,
    3.5 years for lighting,
    6.3 years for rainwater collection
  • Company:
    BOSCH DIESEL s.r.o.
    Pávov 121
    58006 Jihlava
    Czech Republic
The factory in Jihlava (©BOSCH DIESEL s.r.o.)
Efficient LED lighting (©BOSCH DIESEL s.r.o.)
The new heat pump saves natural gas (©BOSCH DIESEL s.r.o.)
The retention basin almost empty…(©BOSCH DIESEL s.r.o.)
…and in a filled state (©BOSCH DIESEL s.r.o.)
The Energy Scout Team won the 3rd place in the competition (©AHK Czech Republic)