June 2021 – Youngest Energy Scout converts two production halls to gas heating in Bulgaria

The Sofia-based company Stimex OOD employs 32 people and produces corrugated cardboard and cardboard packaging. For over 15 years, Stimex has been supplying customers in the food, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. At the age of 19, apprentice Yoan Filev became the so far youngest ever Energy Scout in the Young Energy Europe project.

Young Energy Scout with big plans
Starting in 2020, Yoan Filev and a team of employees and mentors developed a five-year action plan with a focus on energy efficiency and energy cost optimization. The most important measures are: the replacement of electric heating with natural gas heating, the substitution of fluorescent lamps with LEDs, the construction of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the company (approx. 3000 m²), the renovation of the building including thermal insulation of the production facility and the replacement of old machines and equipment with more energy-efficient ones.

Focus on replacing the electric heaters
The Energy Scout chose to replace the electric heaters in two production halls as his practical project within the framework of Young Energy Europe. Electric heating systems have the advantage of being inexpensive investments for new buildings and renovations – a thoroughly economical option for rooms with short daily heating periods. In terms of environmental impact and costs, the operation of the heating system depends on the electricity mix and price selected by the supplier. In comparison, natural gas heating systems are more complex to install, require higher investment costs and use a fossil fuel, but thanks to condensing technology they are very efficient and relatively low in emissions.

In the individual case of Stimex, Yoan Filev showed, that converting the electric radiators to natural gas heating saves almost 46 tons of CO₂ emissions per year. Financially, the investment pays off  after just 3.7 years. Impressed by the extensive calculations and the Energy Scout’s active commitment, which led to swift implementation, the Bulgarian jury awarded the project.


  • Industry sector: Paper and printing industry
  • Energy source: Electrical energy
  • CO2 saving potential: 45.7 t CO2 /a
  • Payback period: approx. 3.7 years
  • Company:
    Stimex OOD
    6 ul. Dateks
    Drujba 1
    1592 Bulgaria
Yoan Filev in the projecting phase (©AHK Bulgarien)
The Energy Scout confidently presented his conversion project (©AHK Bulgarien)
The good performance of the youngest Energy Scout to date was rewarded with an award from the jury (©AHK Bulgarien)