International Energy Scout Exchange Meeting – 12 teams from eight countries present their practical projects

After the successful completion of all Energy Scout trainings of the year 2022, a total of 70 current and former Energy Scouts as well as Young Energy Europe interested participants met online on February 8 to learn more about selected practical projects of the last cohort.

After the welcoming speeches by Ulrike Leis, Vice Director of the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) and Young Energy Europe project manager Max Junghanns, the project presentations of the twelve Energy Scout teams followed.

A screenshot from a video conference. Ulrike Leis, presenting a PowerPoint slide on "EUKI in Number." Other participants are superimposed above.
Ulrike Leis welcomes the Energy Scouts and praises their efforts to save energy in companies. (© DIHK/YEE)

In the form of 4-minute short presentations, the Energy Scouts from a total of eight countries presented their tailor-made concepts for energy and resource savings. They also provided insights into the implementation status of their projects. Many Energy Scout teams already achieved to start implementing their energy saving projects and have realized them partially or completely.

The practical projects presented were dominated by the areas of lighting, photovoltaics and compressed air systems, which are popular among Energy Scouts. However, the project categories of waste heat recovery, water consumption and pumps were also addressed in the projects presented. In addition to the variety of categories, the Energy Scouts also represented a range of business sectors: from energy suppliers, automotive suppliers, a food retailer and a milk processing company to a brickyard and a law firm – such is the diversity of the Energy Scouts’ operational areas.



A screenshot from a video conference. A presentation is shared, the caption reads "Effect of actions taken". A table with numerical values for Electricity, Co2, Costs 2022, Costs 2023 and payback period is shown. Three Energy Scouts, present the table.
Among other things, the Energy Scouts at Imperial Tobacco Polska are able to achieve annual electricity savings of 889.11 MWh by adjusting the use of compressed air in production in line with demand. (©DIHK/YEE)

As a result, everyone benefited from the Energy Scouts’ different industry expertise and gained insights into energy and resource saving options in different companies, all of which had one goal in common: to reduce consumption and costs in their companies as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Between presentations, the Energy Scouts took part in short surveys. Particularly gratifying: more than half of them feel empowered by the Energy Scout training and are planning to carry out further energy-saving projects or to motivate colleagues to save energy. The motivation and drive
of the Energy Scouts to apply their acquired knowledge and thus initiate further projects, was reflected in the intensive 1.5 hours filled with inspiring and innovative impulses.

Energy Scouts trainings will be offered again in 2023 in the participating countries. For more information on the start of the training in the individual countries, please contact our partners, contact details can be found here.