Composting, recycling and photovoltaics – Czech Energy Scouts received awards for their projects

For the fourth consecutive year, the German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Czech Republic) trained young employees to become Energy Scouts. With 44 participants from 21 companies, this year’s trainings reached a record number. The best Energy Scouts in the Czech Republic and their sustainable practical projects were awarded by the expert jury on 09.11.2021.

“With our Young Energy Europe project, we are a small mosaic stone on the path towards a climate-neutral future and sustainable business”. With these words, René Harun, Deputy Managing Director of the AHK Czech Republic warmly welcomed the participating representatives from federal ministries, companies, the jury and the Energy Scouts, who finally presented their work.

The Energy Scouts Libor Kročil and Zdeněk Surovík of the Tomáš Bat’a Regional Hospital in Zlín won the first price with two measures. They optimised the waste disposal process by installing a composting plant for food waste of the catering area. The biodegradable material is decomposed with the help of microorganisms by adding oxygen and water. The nutrient-rich wastewater can be used to irrigate the green spaces around the hospital. The second measure is the replacement of conventional shower heads in the sanitary facilities of the hospital staff with water-saving alternatives. The replacement reduces the hospital’s hot water consumption by more than 3,000 m³ annually and has a short payback period of 6 months due to the low investment costs of € 8,157.

Second place was shared by the Energy Scouts from ŠKO-ENERGO s.r.o. and Vitesco Technologies Czech Republic s.r.o. . In their practical project, the employees of ŠKO-ENERGO dealt with the optimization of a combustion technology for biomass. By adding ammonium sulphate instead of urea, negative influences during the combustion process are reduced. The Vitesco team analysed in their project the possibility of recycling oils, which remain as a waste product from CNC machining. Previously, the oils had to be disposed as hazardous waste. Thanks to the new process of collection, filtration, sampling and quality control, the oil can now be reused at Vitesco in Trutnov.

Lukáš Minařík from the Czech Ministry of the Environment, now member of the jury for three years, said: “the projects are becoming more and more balanced every year and the jury’s work is becoming more and more difficult”.

Therefore, the jury also awarded third place to two teams. The Energy Scouts from White Star Real Estate s.r.o. evaluated the potential for reducing CO2 emissions and energy savings in the construction of a logistics hall. Specifically, three measures were planned and calculated: LED lighting with an intelligent control system, the installation of a photovoltaic system and the use of high-efficiency heating equipment. The other 3rd place, the Energy Scout team from Prague Airport designed a photovoltaic system for the administration building, which will contribute 54 MWh of sustainable electricity annually.

Lastly, the jury also recognised die Energy Scouts of Sonnentor s.r.o. for their overall concept in the field of environmental protection and sustainable management as well as the innovative solutions for their customers.

The winners: Energy Scouts Libor Kročil and Zdeněk Surovík from Tomáš Bat’a Hospital in Zlín. (©Tomáš Bat’a Hospital)


Food waste will be composted in the Tomáš Bat’a Regional Hospital in the future. (©AHK Czech Republic)




Energy Scout Zdeněk Surovík replacing shower heads at Tomáš Bat’a Regional Hospital. (©Tomáš Bat’a Regional Hospital)
The Energy Scouts from ŠKO-ENERGO presented the optimization of a combustion technology for biomass in their practical project. (©AHK Czech Republic)
The Energy Scouts from Vitesco Technologies found a way to recycle oil from a CNC production process. (©AHK Czech Republic)
The ceremonial handover of the certificates to the Energy Scouts took place in the virtual room. (©AHK Czech Republic)