A lasting success story: Energy Scouts in Europe

The competition for the best energy and resource efficiency projects in companies 2020 is in full swing. Now in their third year, Energy Scout qualifications take place in the four European countries Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Hungary. The results for 2019 are positive.

New locations: Thessaloniki and Burgas

In Greece, Energy Scouts train in Thessaloniki for the first time. The business hub is the second largest city in the country. After Athens and Crete, young professionals from the north of Greece are now able to participate.

In Bulgaria, Burgas is a new and additional training location besides Sofia and Plovdiv. In 2020, the training will be offered for the first time at this economic and industrial hot spot on the Black Sea. The German-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will test the implementation of an online course for the first time in order to reduce the necessity of traveling for the participating companies.

Prague starts with practical ideas, Budapest is fully booked

The future Energy Scouts in the Czech Republic started with practical tasks. They presented their first ideas for saving energy and resources in companies and discussed them among themselves and with the lecturers.

In Hungary, the seminar started on 12 February. The lecturers conveyed the topics of energy management, resource efficiency and the analysis of energy applications. The demand for the Energy Scout qualification remains high at almost 40 participants.

In 2019, 110 young employees from 45 companies became Energy Scouts

Young Energy Europe looks back on positive results for 2019. 110 young professionals from 45 companies in the four partner countries Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece have participated in the Energy Scout qualification program. In the trainings, the Scouts learned both theoretical knowledge and practical handling of measuring instruments. They thus initiated a total of 48 practical projects in their companies, most of which have already been implemented.

Trainings fully booked – Energy Scouts 2020 in Hungary (© DUWZ)
Safety vests for occupational safety included: Energy Scouts in Bulgaria (© AHK Bulgaria)
Czech Energy Scouts started the trainings with practical project ideas (©AHK Czech Republic)
Energy Scouts in Greece are testing the thermal imaging camera (©AHK Greece)