101 Energy Scouts for climate protection in Europe

In 2018 Young Professionals from 42 companies in Bulgaria, Czechia, Greece and Hungary had the opportunity to become Energy Scouts. In their companies, the scouts look out for possibilities to implement climate protection, demonstrate energy and resource efficient solutions, raise awareness among colleagues and calculate saving potentials to convince their superiors of new measures.

Countries with European Energy Scouts © Getty Images, own adaptation

The Energy Scouts showed easy ways to stop the waste of energy and other resources. These low-hanging fruits can be found in all businesses and in companies of every size. The scouts acquired new knowledge on climate change, mobility, energy and resource efficiency in workshops. They were also trained in the handling of measuring instruments. Company visits offered additional insights into operational practice beyond their own place of work.

42 projects with numerous saving potentials in electricity, fuel and fossile derivatives result from the first project cycle. Six projects have already been implemented and demonstrate how climate protection can be linked directly to cost savings for companies. Another 32 projetcs are currently in the process of implementation or their implementation is firmly scheduled for the near future.

The German Chambers of Commerce Abroad in Athens, Budapest, Prague and Sofia conducted the workshops with great enthusiasm and commitment. The positive results of Young Energy Europe 2018 are their achievement!

Currently, the planning of the second project cycle 2019 is in full swing. Companies interested in the programme can register young employees by getting in touch with the project partners on site. (ah)