June 2022 – Energy Scouts launch carpooling app at Continental plant in Hungary

Over the past 150 years, Continental AG has developed from a pure tire manufacturer into a major automotive supplier with over 190,000 employees worldwide. The Continental Automotive Hungary Kft. plant in Veszprém, Hungary, with its approximately 2,500 employees, produces electronic components.

As part of their practical project, the Energy Scouts János Imre, Márton Decsi, Gergő Demkó, György Csicsics and Péter Vincze identified that the daily traffic jam caused by the workforce traveling to and from the plant during shift changes posed a problem for operations at the Veszprém site. They further assessed the situation with a survey of 150 “solo traveling” colleagues and determined the following results:

~8,300 km/day → average 55km travel per day per person

~1,500 kg CO2 emissions/day → average 10 kg CO2 per day and person

Costs 600 €/day → average 4 € fuel costs per day and person

Looking for efficient solutions

To reduce CO2 emissions and costs but also to minimize traffic during peak hours, the Energy Scout team was looking for an efficient solution. They designed a ridesharing app for employees that allows employees to plan their commute to and from work together with their colleagues.

In the app, each employee can select a suitable rideshare driver or rideshare passenger analogous to their own commute. In addition to an overview of the offered rides, the contact data of the riders and passengers can be displayed and ratings can be given.

The app offers numerous advantages for both the company and the employees. In addition to lowering CO2 emissions by reducing the amount of traffic generated, the concept has a positive impact on Continental’s sustainability goals while minimizing fuel consumption costs at the same time. Employees also use the shared trips for networking, and team building. This creates synergies at the various work levels that promote future collaboration. In addition, the traffic reduction actually saves time and avoids stress. Another relevant aspect – fewer parking spaces are needed at the plant.

Awarded in national competition

The Energy Scout team convinced the expert jury in the 2021 national competition in Hungary. Their idea was awarded the second special prize.


  • Industry sector: automotive supplier
  • CO2 saving potential: 191.5 t CO2/a (diesel) and 169.4 t CO2/a (gasoline)
  • Investment cost: 25,000 €
  • Payback period: 1 year
What does the future ridesharing app look like? Márton Decsi and János Imre show first insights of the test version ©DUWZ
Energy Scouts Márton Decsi and János Imre (from left to right) in the parking lot of Continental Automotive Hungary Kft. ©DUWZ