February 2020 – Energy Scouts save water, energy and fuel at Madeta in Czech Republic

In 1913, Madeta was the largest dairy in Bohemia. Today, more than 250 different products are being produced at five locations from more than 1 million litres of raw milk every day. The dairy in Planá nad Lužnicí is specialized in naturally matured cheeses and traditional butter products. This is where Energy Scouts Jiří Kašpar and Denis Kirpikov work.

High hygiene standard requires large amounts of water
The two Scouts discovered several saving potentials and implemented many of their suggestions in water consumption, lighting, mobility, and compressed air. First, they reduced water consumption by 32,000 m³ per year by using perlator tap attachments, economical shower heads and efficient cleaning pistols. After only one month, the savings exceed the investment costs of 2,100 €. The installation of a hot water circulation system without flow saves time and a further 82 m³ of water per year. The costs of 522 € for this system pay back after two years. The Energy Scouts also plan to use dairy permeate to clean the tanks. Dairy permeate is a by-product in the making of whey. The Energy Scouts calculated a saving potential of 72,000 m³ and a payback period of less than a month. In addition, the Scouts have also designed training courses for employees to raise awareness for water use and encourage behavioural change.

Improvements in lighting, compressed air systems and mobility
Backed by the management, the two Scouts also initiated measures which require a higher investment. They replaced the lighting with energy-saving LED lights in two areas of the dairy. Madeta thus saves 23.3 MWh of electricity per year, equivalent to 18 t CO2. The investment of 3,100€ becomes profitable after less than two years. In the compressed air system, the Scouts and their colleagues discovered and eliminated over 50 leaks, replaced seven inefficient blow guns and adapted the system pressure to a lower level. Jiří Kašpar and Denis Kirpikov turned the company-owned minibus into a commuter shuttle bus for up to 20 employees. They initiated the development of an application for car pooling among employees, low cost parking and which encourages employees to commute by bicycle. The mobility measures offer potential savings of around 68 t CO2. Finally, the Scouts verified the standard settings of the air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems – again, improved settings led to significant savings. The broad spectrum of measures and the outstanding commitment of the Scouts convinced the jury – Jiří Kašpar and Denis Kirpikov from Madeta were honoured as the best team in the Czech Republic 2019.

Compressed Air Systems

Consumption of Water



  • Industry sector: Food and beverage industry
  • Energy source: Electricity, fuel
  • Energy saving potential: 23,33 MWh/a (lighting)
  • Potential CO2 savings: 86,87 t/a (lighting & mobility)
  • Water savings: 103.963 m³/a
  • Potential cost reduction: 332.412,18 €/a (lighting & water consumption)
  • Investment costs: 12.728 € (lighting & water consumption)
  • Payback period: < 1 month each for the use of perlators and of dairy permeate; 1.4 – 1.9 years for LED lighting; 2 years for the hot water system
  • Company:
    Madeta a.s. – Závod Planá nad Lužnicí
    Rudolfovská tř. 246/83
    37001 České Budějovice
    Czech Republic
Commuting by minibus saves fuel (©Madeta)
Aerators on water taps considerably reduce water consumption (©Madeta)
The new cleaning guns are adjustable and save water (©Madeta)
The best Energy Scouts 2019 Jiří Kašpar and Denis Kirpikov, Madeta, together with René Harun, AHK Czech Republic, Pavel Zámyslický, Czech Ministry of the Environment, and Max Junghanns, Young Energy Europe (© AHK Czech Republic)
Sought after interview partners - the best Energy Scouts 2019 Denis Kirpikov and Jiří Kašpar (©AHK Czech Republic)
Raising employee awareness for water consumption (©Madeta)