Energy Scout trainings 2023 – high registration numbers and successful start in two countries

Energy Scout trainings also take place in 2023 in Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. The German-Hungarian Knowledge Center (DUWZ) of the AHK Hungary and the AHK Czech Republic kicked-off the trainings of 2023 in spring.

Before the start of the trainings there was an active acquisition phase, in the course of which the participating AHKs presented the Young Energy Europe program during various occasions. In Bulgaria, for example, the 5th anniversary of the Energy Scout training courses was celebrated and among other categories, the most active company and most successful team were awarded. Hungarian companies learned more about the Energy Scout trainings within the conference topic “Energy efficient companies in Germany and Hungary” and the “Consultation Days” of the AHK Hungary.

There were also some “newcomers” among the companies who recognized the opportunity to save energy and resources through Energy Scout practical projects and registered their young professionals for the trainings. The training program is experiencing high demand, so that the training, which was rolled out in 2018 in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Hungary, among other countries, has now been successfully established “on the market”.

In Hungary, the trainings started already in March with 15 participants from nine companies, many of them first-time participants. These included workshops on energy management, operational data collection and photovoltaics. The topics of communication and presentation techniques will be addressed in the next course unit and realized by the prospective Energy Scouts with practical exercises.

One month later, 30 Czech Energy Scouts from nine companies started their training. For the first time and due to expressions of interest from the companies and participants, the topic of hydrogen technologies was also included in the training plan. In order to approach this currently much-discussed topic, its advantages and disadvantages as well as possible areas of application were discussed. Likewise, two Energy Scout teams from 2021 and 2022 presented their successfully implemented practical projects and answered questions from the prospective Energy Scouts. Inspired by the professional and conceptual impulses, the teams already had lively discussions about first practice project drafts after the first training sessions. The focus on the conception and practical implementation of energy efficiency approaches is the strength of the Young Energy Europe project.

The next trainings will start in Greece, Croatia and Poland. Registration for the trainings in Bulgaria, Slovakia and Serbia is still possible, more information is provided by our partners in the corresponding countries here.

  • Six people stand in a circle at a high table, there are colorful pieces of paper with notes on them, a woman in the middle speaks, the others listen.
    Exchange of ideas and discussions on potential energy saving projects among the Energy Scouts to be ©AHK Tschechien