Young Energy Europe at the EUKI Annual Conference

On February 21 and 22, 2018, Young Energy Europe presented itself at the first annual conference of the European Climate Initiative (EUKI). Carmen Stuck from the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Hana Potůčková from the German-Czech Chamber of Commerce participated, together with the Berlin based Young Energy Europe Team, in the specialist exchanges between 30 EUKI-projects.

The conference was prominelty attended by the Federal Minister of the Environment Dr. Barbara Hendricks, the Bulgarian Deputy Minister for the Environment, Atanaska Nikolova, and the former Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic Petr Jan Kalaš.

Dr. Hendricks stated : “Although the starting conditions in the European member states are, in some cases, very different, we often face similar challenges in implementation. Our close, excellent cooperation with Bulgaria shows that we are working together to achieve European climate targets. Effective climate action requires cooperation across borders.”. As representative of the Bulgarian Council Presidency, Mrs. Nikolova welcomed the initiative of the Federal Ministry for the Environment.  She expressed her conviction that climate change can only be fought jointly.

The purpose of the conference was to bring together the parties involved from nearly all EU-memberstates, to exchange experiences and initiate potential cooperation. The meeting was moderated by the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and shall take place again in 2019. (han)

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Young Energy Europe EUKI Conference
Group picture of the participants at the EUKI Annual Conference 2018 © GIZ, Roehl