Thessaloniki’s Energy Scouts at work under difficult conditions

Since the lockdown in Greece has been lifted, the Greek Energy Scouts continue to work on their practical projects. The German-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry visited the Energy Scouts in their companies in mid-July to see how they are doing. Here is what they learned.

Energy Scout Despoina Tsipouri lost her hotel job during lockdown but took her knowledge to a promising place, a farm for organic agriculture in Thermi, just 10 km from Thessaloniki. The owner of the eco-farm follows a circular economy concept aiming to reuse all biological waste. Energy is essential for pumping and other machinery, therefore Energy Scout Despoina Tsipouri will explore the possibilities of generating biogas and electricity from the farm’s leftover biomass.

The team of RENEL I.K.E., an energy and power engineering company, consists of Marietta Glava, Vassiliki Kotoula, Dimitrios Karagioras and Fotios Vassiloudis. They plan to address two energy efficiency projects. On the one hand they aim to implement easy to apply energy saving measures in their own company which they got to know during the Young Energy Europe training. This includes measures in lighting, heating, and resource efficiency. On the other hand, they plan a more complex energy efficiency project for one of their clients, an educational institution. The scouts plan energy efficiency measures for the daily operation of the school in the areas of lighting, heating, and mobility.

TrainOSE, the railway company operating all passenger and freight trains on the Greek rail network depends heavily on energy costs. Energy efficiency is an essential part of their daily work, so the company sent five employees to the Energy Scout training: Ioannis Karavitis, Athanasios Kargopoulos, Adam Balabanis, Vasilis Bourletsikas and George Papoulias. Together they pursue their ideas: First, they want to replace conventional lighting in an electric train. Secondly, they are preparing a proposal for the installation of a photovoltaic system on the rooftop of the TrainOSE building and work on a concept on the use of the pv-generated electricity in the factory building.

Energy Scouts Anastasia Adamtziloglou, Sotirios Kintzonidis and Athanasios Charistos from Samaras & Partners SA, an engineering consultant, also continue to work on their project. Three approaches are on the table: A green IT concept, the energy efficient revision of a photovoltaic system on the roof or a more sustainable mobility concept for the daily commuting of their 240 employees.

We are looking forward to the final projects from all companies that took part in the Energy Scout training programme. These include the Thessaloniki Port Authority S. A., and the local Hellenic Police among others. The final presentations with all Greek scouts from 2020 will take place on 10 September.


The Energy Scouts of TRAINOSE at the premises of the company in Thessaloniki (© AHK Greece)
Planning the projects – the four Energy Scouts of RENEL I.K.E. (© AHK Greece)
Organic waste from the farm will be used to generate electricity (© AHK Greece)
Energy Scouts Adamtziloglou Anastasia, Kintzonidis Sotirios and Charistos Athanasios meet at their office (© AHK Greece)