May 2023 – Croatian Energy Scouts insulate office and save air conditioning

The company Belmet 97 from Zagreb in Croatia primarily equips companies and organizations in the research sector with testing and measuring equipment. The products are then used by universities, institutes, laboratories, but also, for example, power plants and substations. The Energy Scout team of Belmet 97 consisted of Perica Rimac, a specialist in the field of didactic programs, and Nikola Šmitlehner, who works in sales.

Instead of looking for solutions for their customers as usual, the Energy Scouts used their expertise in measuring devices and started with the obvious – simply tackling their own workplace. Using a temperature data logger in a process known as mapping, they measured the temperature, checked for air tightness, and finally used a thermal imaging camera to document the changes in their own business offices in eastern Zagreb.

The thermal imaging camera and the temperature mapping of the premises show significantly higher temperatures around windows and doors in the images before (=prije) than after (= poslije). Thus, the doors and windows were not properly sealed and let in too much warm air from outside in summer. In winter on the other hand, the rooms cooled down fast. After replacing seals on doors and windows and renovating other air-permeable openings, better values were achieved. Thanks to the low investment costs, the measures were implemented quickly and paid for themselves in less than a year through lower heating and air conditioning costs.

In the next step the Energy Scouts want to install a photovoltaic system on the roof.

Thermal Insulation

  • Industry sector: distribution of technical measuring equipment and teaching systems for education
  • Energy source: electricity
  • Energy saving potential: 0.75 MWh/year
  • Savings potential CO2: 0.108 tons of CO2/year
  • Potential cost reduction:  by 30% per year
  • Investment costs: 730 €
  • Payback period: <1 year
Characteristic temperatures before (=prije) and after (= poslije). (©Belmet97)
A graph representing a red line for maximum temperature, a green line for average temperature, and a blue line for minimum temperature. The lines run parallel to one another with upward and downward deflections.
The temperature data over time are documented by the data loggers (Oznaka data loggera = values of the data loggers). (©Belmet97)
A photo collage showing four photos of two men in yellow Energy Scout vests inspecting a Testo measurement case
Energy Scouts Perica Rimac and Nikola Šmitlehner know their way around a measuring device. (©AHK Kroatien)