July 2019 – LEDs illuminate Kaufland distribution center in Bulgaria

The retailer Kaufland is active in seven European countries, serving customers in more than 1,270 stores. Since 2006 the company has opened 59 stores in Bulgaria.

Behind all the well filled shelves, freezers and coolers in every market runs a sophisticated logistic system. Centrally located in Stryama near Plovdiv, Kaufland owns a large distribution center where all goods are delivered, stored and distributed to the stores as required. In high season, goods can be moved at up to 200 ramps. The center consists of nine large halls, up to 16 meters high with a floor space of around 10,000 m² each.

LEDs in – fluorescent lighting out
An internal audit showed that 35% of the total on-site electricity consumption was caused by the fluorescent lighting, although the luminous efficiency was not very high. This became the obvious aim of Energy Scout Vladislav Varbanov and internal coach Ivo Vasilev. Compared to fluorescent lamps, modern LED lighting offers higher luminous efficiency with lower energy consumption and less maintenance. In addition, the light output hardly decreases during operation and the LEDs have a lifetime of 50,000 hours as compared to 20,000 hours for fluorescent lighting. Thanks to the calculated annual savings of 2,051 MWh of electricity, the replacement of the lighting will pay off in less than four years. The company will reduce their yearly emissions by 1,630 tons of CO2 due to less energy consumption, and it will also avoid the negative impact of harmful gases and heavy metals such as mercury contained in the fluorescent tubes.

Lighting intensity adapted to demand
For the narrow and high aisles of the halls the Energy Scout selected LEDs with low beam angles while he chose LEDs with a larger beam angle and a wider light cone for the loading area in front of the ramps. The new LED modules are being installed and connected to a building automation system during operation while the old lighting is dismantled and recycled.
The lighting project at Kaufland is outstanding because of its dimension. Around 3,000 LED modules, each 1.5 meters long, have been newly installed. As a result, the savings in electricity and CO2 emissions are particularly huge.



  • Industry sector: Retail
  • Energy source: Electrical energy
  • Energy saving potential: 2,051 MWh/a
  • Savings potential CO2: 1,630 t/a
  • Amortization period: 3.9 years
  • Unternehmen:
    Kaufland Bulgaria EOOD & Co. KD
    ul. Skopie 1a
    1233 Sofia
Luminous efficiency before – low light in aisles (©Kaufland Bulgaria)
Luminous efficiency after – better illumination increases safety at work. (©Kaufland Bulgaria)
The loading area in front of the ramps, the LEDs above have a wider beam cone. (©Kaufland Bulgaria)
Coach Ivo Vasilev together with Energy Scout Vladislav Varbanov during planning process (©Kaufland Bulgaria)