April 2024 – Energy Scouts reduce electricity costs in a deep-freeze warehouse in Poznan (PL)

Greenyard Logistics Poland is a logistic company specialising the transport and storing of sensitive food products ranging from minus 20C up to 12C. The company operates three temperature-controlled warehouses in Poland and offers distribution services in Europe, along with customs formalities and typical co-packing services like repacking, labelling, sorting, weighing, and quality control.

In October 2021 a newly built frozen storage facility was put into operation in Dąbrówka, close to Poznan. The refrigeration units in the facility have been designed and built by the supplier Coldex. They handed them over to Greenyard with specific automatic settings and still offer technical support. Greenyards Energy Scouts, Katarzyna Zduńczyk and Tomasz Majek are responsible for the technical supervision in all warehouses and operating and supervising of the ammonia installations.

Due to soaring market energy prices, the main objective of the technical department was to reduce energy consumption in the warehouses. After a few months of analyses, measurements, and the observation that electricity costs grew month after month, the Energy Scouts started to change the initial settings. The initial installation parameters have been adjusted in the following areas: outside temperature and humidity, the stored product range and typical warehouse movements. They managed to work out new standard operation mode for the refrigeration system that allowed the company to decrease electricity consumption by 704 MWh per year. Given the average CO2 emissions of electricity demand in Poland, this relates to a reduction of CO2 emissions by 576 t per year.

Currently, the team is working on applying the learnings on the two other frozen storage facilities in Poland.


System Optimization

  • Industry sector: logistics of food products
  • Energy source: electricity
  • Energy savings potential: 704 MWh/year
  • CO2 savings potential: 576 tons CO₂/year 
  • Investment costs: 8,638 €
  • Payback period: 1 month
Logistics of food is challenging, because the goods are sensitive and often perishable. (©Greenyard Logistics Poland Sp. z o.o.)
Maintaining cold chains is important for food safety, but also a relevant energy cost factor. (©Greenyard Logistics Poland Sp. z o.o.)
Energy Scouts Tomasz Majek and Katarzyna Zduńczyk combine their experience for the practical energy efficiency project. (©AHK Poland)