October 2023 – Serbian tire manufacturer substitutes heavy oil with compressed natural gas as primary energy source

Tigar Tyres, a tire manufacturer in Serbia, became part of Michelin group in 2007. Since then, the plant in Babušnica has implemented many best practices from other plants in the Michelin group. Until recently, Tigar Tyres Babušnica had been consuming Heavy oil as its primary source of energy for steam production. The hot steam is needed in the production process of inner tires. Around 300 people work in the plant.

Energy Scouts Aleksandar Pavković and Marko Rakojević started looking for alternatives, as heavy oil relates to high CO2-emissions. Since it was calculated that energy sources as photovoltaic panels would not provide enough energy for the production process, the decision was to switch from heavy oil to compressed natural gas.

With the help of project leader Aleksandar Pavković and technical supports Marko Rakojević and Aleksandar Đorđević, the “fuel switch”- project was at first started to take place in mid of 2021. After a lot of effort regarding gaining all the permits for construction and gas substation installation, one year later, in August of 2022, the CNG station started! The project has become a benchmark for other Tigar Tyres plants, the plant in Pirot (Serbia) is using coal as their primary energy source and considering alternatives.

With close to maximum production capacity, the CO2 emissions are reduced by 25% or 370 tons annually. The Investment of 100,000€ will pay off financially in about 1 year.

After the implementation of the project savings of 49% were measured in practice.

Energy Management

  • Industry sector: production of inner tube tyres
  • Energy source: before: Heavy oil / after: compressed natural gas (CNG)
  • Energy saving potential:N/A
  • Savings potential CO2: 370 tons CO2/year
  • Potential cost reduction: 102,000 €/per year
  • Investment costs: 100,000 €
  • Payback period: 1 year
  • Company:
    Tigar Tyres d.o.o – Fabrika za proizvodnju unutrašnjih guma
    Živojina Nikolića Brke bb,
    18330 Gradište
A big heavy oil reservoir on company premises
Before: Heavy oil reservoir ©Tigar Tyres
CNG station on company premises
After: CNG Station ©Tigar Tyres
Two men smiling with thumbs up and in front of CNG Store
Energy Scouts Aleksandar Pavković and Marko Rakojević ©Tigar Tyres
Two men in fron of CNG station
Energy Scouts Aleksandar Pavković and Marko Rakojević ©Tigar Tyres