Measurements by Energy Scouts in Hungary indicate potentials

The Energy Scouts in Hungary are working on the practical implementation of the efficiency projects with maximum speed. They are currently carrying out measurements at Hipp Kft., the Hungarian subsidiary of the German Hipp AG: “Our project is in the field of compressed air technology, but we are also taking a close look at our consumption of electricity,” explain the scouts as they document the data measured. The aim is to locate and fix leaks in the compressed air system and thus achieve energy savings at the compressor.

The CCI Hungary provides a measuring kit to the participating companies. The next station of the measuring kit is Zollner Kft., a subsidiary of the German Zollner AG. The scouts there are working on two energy efficiency projects in the area of employee awareness and lighting technology: “It is our intention to check the functionality of our lighting and replace them with more energy-efficient elements if necessary”.

This year’s last workshop in Hungary will take place on December 12. A total of 30 participants will be trained on the topics of payback calculations and resource efficiency. The aim is to take all possible aspects of energetic and resource optimisation into view.

Scouts in action: First they measure electricity consumption… ©Hipp Kft.
…then the compressed air leakages are located. ©Hipp Kft.